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Another 500 Mile Roundtrip Beer Run

January 19, 2009

Another weekend in Dallas and a thought occurs to me, I’ll stop playing scorched earth with my carbon footprint as soon as those prudes in the Oklahoma legislature repeal their draconian laws regarding alcohol. (The principled bastards at New Belgium don’t ship to Oklahoma because of rules regarding selling any chilled beer over 3.2%)

Nectar of the Gods

EDIT: A little clarification, even Wikipedia knows of my plight!

Oklahoma defines low-point beer as any beverage containing between 0.5% and 3.2% alcohol by weight.[1] Any beverage containing more alcohol than this may only be sold in licensed liquor stores, and also must be sold at room temperature.[2] As a result, many smaller breweries, such as the Spoetzl brewery and New Belgium will limit or not sell their products in Oklahoma, despite passing through the state to deliver to neighboring states. Minors under the age of 21 are not permitted to possess or purchase alcohol; however, consumption in a “private setting” is not prohibited by Oklahoma law.


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  1. Pylades permalink

    Care to elaborate on those rules? I always giggle when thinking about North American rules re:alcohol. 😀

  2. Pylades permalink

    Room temperature beer? You should call the human rights guys in Geneva. 😦

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