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It’s what’s for dinner…

January 21, 2009

A comprehensive, (but very long) article detailing the modern incarnation of commercial beef from the well meaning hippies at Mother Earth News.

Be warned, the hippies have a slow server at times.

*In the interest of full disclosure, my freezer is currently filled with a naturally raised, chemical free steer. You could come over, I could cook you a steak, and the government won’t care.

If I took your cash compensation for one of those frozen steaks, I’d go to jail for selling unsafe food.

Think about that.


From → Beef, Food Safety

One Comment
  1. I hardly believe you could be trusted to sell me beef that is safe just because you serve it to your lovely wife and daughter.

    Clearly, you as an entrepreneur have no incentive to provide me with quality, safe produce in exchange for my money. You’d continue to make money off me even if I got sick from what you sold me before, because I’m too stupid to know better unless someone from the government told me otherwise.

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