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I love me some unintended consequences!

January 22, 2009

Though lately I suspect that Washington might know damn well the things their well intentioned meddling does in the long run…

The proposal would use taxpayer dollars to raise dairy prices by buying older dairy cows from farmers, taking approximately 6.5 billion gallons of milk off the market. This would result in nearly 320,000 additional head of cattle entering the beef market, which could drastically reduce the price of beef cattle.

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  1. Pylades permalink

    Wow, they’re really stretching that “stimulus” bullshit now.
    That’s moronic. Additionally, I’d argue that raising the price of milk (arguably a very basic good) and lowering the price of beef (arguably a more expensive good) is just incredibly stupid. You want to do that whole “stimulus” thing and the best you can come up is RAISING the price of milk? Sure, you want to help the poor, poor farmers but shouldn’t you, ya know, think of the whole country first?

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