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Goat update

January 24, 2009

I’ve never been around goats, they have always been vile creatures, raised by indigenous third worlders, undeserving of my attention. I’ve learned that they are disconcerting creatures, with an unnerving, split pupiled gaze. Imagine my thoughts when I came across this story today.

I will never go unarmed again.


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  1. Ram Venkatararam permalink

    That’s funny. I just read another post on the same subject. It’s goat night on the world wide web. I still say, I would have transformed into an elephant, crushed the bastards and stomped off to freedom.

  2. billynorton permalink

    I am more curious about those raccons in my garbage now

  3. Yeah, but barbecued goat tastes GOOOOOOOD!

  4. Matthew permalink

    What’s your problem with goats? If I ever get a house my yard maintenance plan is a goat in the backyard. Plus I could get one of those fainting goats so whenever I pissed off that Anne never lets me get my way I could go out back, scare the goat, watch it pass out, laugh, and feel like a manly man!

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