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Take that Texas!

February 4, 2009

I still say we have room for improvement, but us Okies are in a three way tie for lastfirst when it comes to gun laws.

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  1. Yeah, I gave y’all credit where it’s due this morning. You cattle molestin’ b*tards. :diacanu:

  2. Pylades permalink

    Not all of that is perfect though, right?

    – Employers not forced to allow firearms on premises


    – Colleges are not forced to allow firearms on campus

    seem like stuff that should be supported from a property rights POV.

    Not sure about the specific criteria these guys are using and the colleges thing especially is more complicated (state-run colleges) but essentially that should be 4 points as the desirable result.

  3. On one, yes. On two — if they’re public universities, no.

  4. Pylades permalink

    ‘s what I’m trying to say with “state-run” colleges. 😉

  5. Matthew permalink

    Eh, 19 ain’t bad, especially when you take into account the points we ‘won’ for
    ‘limiting’ CCW licenses.

    Under the Alabama Constitution of 1901, the ability to allow citizens to carry weapons in defense of the law is granted to the county Sheriff. We don’t have any State CCW requirements, it varies from county to county. That hurt our score a good bit.

    What this means is that in Escambia County I had to fill out a one page application. Besides basic information, the questions I had to answer were:

    Have you ever been convicted of a crime, including misdemenors. If so explain.

    Have you ever had a concealed carry license revoked? If so explain.

    Are you currently employed?

    Are you a member of a union?

    Are you currently having a dispute with your employer?

    Whereas my buddy in Mobile Co had to bring in three pay stubs, a letter of recommendation from his boss, a rent check, and a utilities bill. And I think I’m forgetting something else.

  6. Chuck permalink

    Arizona beat Texas at something! :banana:

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