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Dairy Buyout Dead?

February 5, 2009

Well at least the government funded dairy buyout…

The lobby dudes at NCBA tell me they “jumped on it early” while it was still a trial balloon, and said balloon is now deflated.
Great. It sounds like the dairy folks will use their own money to buy each other out of business. Sort of like a privately-funded retirement program, I suppose. Or, perhaps more like big companies buying out little companies.

Follow the link for some nice commentary on what effect such buyouts have, and how beef is still a free market, despite being surrounded and effected by not so free markets.


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  1. Matthew permalink

    If beef really a free market? What I got from Fast Food Nation is that since there is no ‘market’ the large multinational meet packers individually negotiate prices with farmers, requiring non-disclosure (actually, something I’ll have to ask my Pawpaw about when I’m home next).

    I got no problems with government action to bring about transparency to markets, as accurate information is needed for said markets to function properly IMO!

    • Vines & Cattle permalink

      Free in that most ranchers are not vertically integrated and subject to corporate contracts at their level. For the most part, pigs and chickens do not go to market.

  2. Matthew permalink

    True. I just think enforcement of transparency is one area where government intrusion into the marketplace is warranted.

  3. Matthew permalink

    Dammit, how do I edit? Oh well, was gonna add, don’t know alot about the hog and chicken market. Ours were mostly for our own use.

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