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Damage is damage right?

February 6, 2009

There’s not much that irks me more than meddling enviro-lawyers with a flair for lawsuits. Especially when their labors don’t result in any of the protections they claim to intend. It’s enough to make one wonder if their motivations are more anti capitalist than they are anti pollution…

DAYVILLE, Ore. (AP)–To protect fish, the U.S. government discriminates against cows but lets elk and wild horses do whatever they want even if the wild beasts do at least as much damage to sensitive streams.
Or so say Dayville cattle ranchers Loren and Piper Stout.
Last year, after a lawsuit from environmental groups, a court ordered the two and others to remove their cattle from U.S. Forest Service land along Murderers Creek and its tributaries until the suit is resolved.
The creeks are home to middle Columbia River steeled protected by the Endangered Species Act.
Now the Stouts say they will sue the Forest Service, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and other agencies under the federal act.
Those agencies are allowing wild horse and elk populations to swell, their notice says, and those beasts trample the creek bank, too.
The Stouts staked out grazing lands last year when there were no cattle allowed and found the wild horses and elk trampled banks more than cattle, said Loren Stout, 52.



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