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On the brink? Doubtful.

February 11, 2009

Are America and the UK on the brink of a food crisis? We are if you ask these folk, as well as these. Will it be organic, sustainable agriculture that saves us, or are some greens going to admit that there might be some benefit in GMOs after all?

John Beddington, the chief scientific adviser to the government, observes: “We are going to have to expect to have – throughout the world and not just in the UK – higher food prices.”

Then again, what if they had a food shortage and nobody came?

Looks like lower food prices may be on the way. Market Watch reports Citigroup downgraded major U.S. grocery chains Kroger and Safeway on expectations of a price war among food retailers. The broker lowered 2009 profits and stock price targets on the chains. Profit estimates were also lowered for Supervalu and Wal-Mart. Analysts say the sector will still be one of the stronger of the market because people still need food. However, they are moving to lower-priced items.
Recently, Organic Monitor reported a similar move in organic foods where shoppers are switching from brand names to cheaper store brands.

  1. Matthew permalink

    I’m with the bottom group. We buy organic whenever possible, but just the store brand. That’s one thing the PNW has spoiled me with. I’m afraid when we move back down South, my choices will be extremely overpriced Fresh Market organic or over processed shit. 😦

    • Vines & Cattle permalink

      That’s the problem here, processed crap everywhere 😦

  2. Matthew permalink

    I’m lazy. Don’t always have the time to work from scratch.

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