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Malthusian Fantasy Camp

February 16, 2009

I think all this fear mongering talk of recession and depression has inspired the inner Ehrlich of some lefties, and has them buying tickets for the Malthusian Fantasy Camp they’ve been dreaming of all their lives. Most of it seems to be coming from Airstrip One, which is ironically the home of some of the most regulated and subsidized agriculture in the world.

Take this example from the UK Guardian, where the writer applauds eating scraps and rips on salad. Britain becomes increasingly fatter, and you’re against fresh greens? If only you had some food police to monitor British cabinets…. Oh wait.

Not that there aren’t troublesome signs, some of the most productive areas in the world are experiencing droughts, and to those who seem intent on reliving history it no doubt sounds like the Dust Bowl 2: Electric Boogaloo. Droughts happen, there’s no need to compound the problem with anti capitalist rhetoric which will lead to more regulations that will end up making it harder to actually get food into the stores when real shortages do show up.


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