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Peanuts In Plainview

March 2, 2009

We’re repeatedly told how Obama and Co want to beef up food regulations and labeling laws, all for our own good.

WASHINGTON (AP)–The Obama administration is calling for stricter labels on fresh meat and other foods that would show more clearly where an animal or food came from.

Of course, they might want to take a better look at the failings of existing food safety infrastructure, before tackling an overhaul.

PLAINVIEW, Texas – For four years, the peanut processing plant here lived up to the city’s name, operating in plain view unnoticed by state regulators.
From March 2005 until January of this year, the Peanut Corporation of America facility processed hundreds of tons of peanuts without obtaining a state license to manufacture food and without any inspections to ensure that its peanut products were safe to eat.
Local officials, including a health inspector, toured the plant and approved its opening. But now they say – after salmonella was found in the peanuts and the plant was closed – that it was not their responsibility to inspect it or tell the state it was operating.

From the Dallas Morning News


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