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California Is Dying

March 4, 2009

I think it’s time to call Lex Luthor and have him nuke California into the ocean before the cancer spreads to the rest of the country. Besides Otisburg sounds like a fun place to hang out.otisburg
The state is bankrupt, unemployment is skyrocketing, and the breadbasket Central Valley is reverting to a desert. The latter is thanks to a judge and some fish, as these things usually are.

The disaster coming this spring and summer is no movie, and nothing menacing is falling from the sky. It’s about what’s not falling from the sky — rain. After three years of below-average rain and snowfall, coupled with new pumping restrictions to protect endangered fish, California’s farmers are running out of water. The devastating impact has trickled down to dozens of small Central Valley farming communities.
The farmers who will be slammed the hardest are those who depend on the Central Valley Project, the massive federal system of dams, reservoirs, pumps and canals that helped spawn California’s $36 billion farming industry — the state’s largest.
Within a couple of years, Coburn says, numerous small towns like Firebaugh could die and hundreds of thousands of once-profitable acres could turn into fields of dust. Beginning today, the federal water spigot in California has been turned off for the first time. And just as in “Armageddon,” the game might be over.
Across the Central Valley, warns a new University of California-Davis study, 80,000 jobs could be lost this year.

I’ve seen the Central Valley, the production there is staggering, but even more amazing is that we would dry it up, by choice, in the middle of tough economic times. Some would ask why we need to flood a desert, let it revert to it’s natural state. Couldn’t we say the same thing for Los Angeles? The Malthusian Fantasy Campers aren’t just dreaming of a famine, they’re enacting it through judicial fiat.

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  1. Matthew permalink

    Wonder if any of the stimulus bill went to something useful, like the nuclear power/desalination plants the chicoms are building? Fresh water and clean energy? Who would want that?!!?!

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