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The Problem With US Healthcare

March 26, 2009

So thanks to my own stupidity and an angle grinder, I find myself needing about three stitches in my knee. It’s just a surface wound, it didn’t even bleed thanks to the cauterization. Here’s the problem, I can’t find a doc to stitch me up. The family practitioner does charity work on Thursdays, no one else has an opening, and I am not going to the emergency room. I have insurance, and the money, but I’m not killing half my day and going through the paper work for a few stitches. I would gladly pay someone $100 to sew me up, and let me walk out, no paper work, no follow up, I remove the stitches on my own.

If only there was a option like this. Wait, there is. I wonder what my veterinarian is doing today?

UPDATE: Yay capitalism! Some of my faith in health care has been restored. Today I learned of Access Medical Centers, a local chain of out patient health clinics that provide basic services, with no appointments. Everything was shiny, new and young. No doubt staffed by youngsters paying off student loans. Service was quick and prompt. All for about $120.


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  1. Chuck permalink

    You could always take a shot of whiskey, bite a stick, and have the wife sew ya up

  2. Matthew permalink

    You laugh, but Dr. ______ was the neighborhood Doc. Anyone got cut or scraped they went to him. He’s sown me up before. My brother had a BB in his foot he never told anyone about, it got infected and Dr. _____ cut him up and got it out. My father’s had a bad back for decades. You’d be surprised how much pain medicine our 15lb Shelty needs. 😀

    *after typing I realized this might be a little illegal. 😀

  3. Heywood Jablome permalink

    Use some super glue.


    Fifteen or sixteen years ago, my dad cut his hand while working and, not wanting to deal with a doctor, he used some super glue to close the wound until it healed.

    I thought he was crazy until a few years later when I found out that doctors sometimes use the same stuff to close small wounds.

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