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When they outlaw small farms, only criminals will have small farms

April 7, 2009

A double dose of similar stories today, both dealing with the regulatory hurdles that hinder economic diversity on small farms that would like to snag some of that retail dollar for themselves.
The first, (which I’m stealing outright from oklavore) details the problems faced by a pair of former Minnesota dairy farmers, and the trouble they have to go through to get their grass fed beef to consumers, in a way consistent with their values. Guess who their main hurdle is, it starts with “U”.
Then from down in Texas, proving the government theory that if the laws on the books aren’t enforced, then some fancy new laws are just what we need, some points on the proposed Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, which will add even more hurdles to already burdened small operators. We’re supposed to be in favor of the good farmers, right? Then why are we passing more regulations that will make their lives even more difficult?

Stone says this places undue burden on the mom-and-pop farms. The large operations already have these programs in place, Stone said, and when it comes to enforcement, the federal government simply left the barn door open.
“When we come out with very strenuous new regulations, the big national and international corporations might not like them, it might cost them some money, but they have whole compliance departments,” Stone said.
“When you get the true family farm, particularly with the growth of organic farming out there … and they come out with these excess regulations, there’s just no way they can possibly comply with it. It takes a person working almost full-time to do it.”

Again, where are our self appointed foodie champions like Pollan and Waters?

  1. Mike permalink

    I like the new photo at the top of the page. Nice.

    What building is that?

    • Vines & Cattle permalink

      It’s an old school house that we’re about to move to a new location, refurbish and find something to do with.

  2. Mike permalink


  3. Matthew permalink

    Before I say what I want to say, what is the rating for this blog?

  4. Vines & Cattle permalink

    A hard PG-13.

  5. Matthew permalink

    Porn studio. :bergman:

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