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Prohibited Pie

April 10, 2009

Won’t somebody stop the madness, we can’t have all this uninspected food going around! A story, (taken from the HitNRun) regarding the menace that is charity food stuffs. From WSJ, the story of the crackdown on unregulated baked goods, and how our benevolent government has saved us from yet another food borne scourge. I feel safer, don’t you?

Sold for $1 a slice, homemade pies have always been part of the Lenten fish-fry dinners at St. Cecilia’s, located in this tiny city near Pittsburgh. Similar dinners are held in church basements and other venues across the country this time of year.
The problem is the pies are illegal in Pennsylvania. Under the state’s food-safety code, facilities that provide food at four or more events in a year require at least a temporary eating and drinking license, and food has to be prepared in a state-inspected kitchen. Many churches have six fish fries a year, on Fridays during Lent. St. Cecilia’s has always complied with having its kitchen licensed, so food made there is fine to serve. But homemade goods don’t make the cut.

The solution? Why HR 875 of course, making sure that anyone at any level of food production or handling will have to register with a new federal agency.
Speaking of the Feds and food safety…

Another busy day at the White House: First Lady Michelle Obama hosted students from Bancroft High School in Washington, who helped her plant and water the brand-new White House garden. She and Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack spoke to the students about the healthy fruits and veggies that would grow there. “It’s all brain food,” Obama said. She cheered the kids for bringing good weather and then sent them (and the press) home with cookies.

Were these homemade cookies, or federally inspected Oreos? Someone should look into this.

No one is above the law.

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