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HR 875, Part Duex?

April 23, 2009 has posted yet another comprehensive report on the developments in Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. It appears that Representative DeLauro is busy altering the bill to protect “small” producers, and ease the criticism from hordes of organic farmer types, worried that their favorite farmer’s market will soon be shut down.
Personally I still don’t have much faith in any changes. We’ll have to see where she draw the line between organic arugula producer and profit chasing capitalist tycoon.

  1. Matthew permalink

    Nothing to do with the topic, but I saw this and thought of you.

    You need it. You know you do!

  2. DeLauro is doing the right thing. NAIS has cost over $150 million of your tax dollars to push a program that nobody wants or needs. NAIS IS NOT ABOUT FOOD SAFETY. NAIS IS ABOUT CORPORATE AG HAVING ALL THE MARBLES. NAIS tracking of any animals stops at slaughter, after which many food safety issues occur.

    Protection from disease is why we are told NAIS is needed, but the real reason is for the benefit of big agriculture/factory farms so they can sell meat globally. But they do not have to tag/ track individual critters. They get ONE lot number for each animal group. Any animal in that group could be sick and who would know!

    Their costs will be small compared to the small farmer/rancher. There are currently USDA listening sessions going on across the US. See the many youtube videos of average animal owners pleading that NAIS be stopped. Also see for more info.

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