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Felonious Floating?

April 27, 2009

I don’t know Mr. Griswold, turns out he’s a popular rodeo cowboy, and that’s not a circle I run in, so forgive me for having to learn of his plight from a national ag columnist. I do plan on finding out more about him today. It turns out ‘horse dentistry’ is illegal in Oklahoma, and Bobby Griswold has been the first person arrested for this heinous crime. From what I can tell, he’s anxiously looking forward to the fight.

From Trent Loos…

Enter Bobby Griswold from Geary, Okla., a saddle bronc rider and equine dentist. Griswold was arrested on March 4, for floating horses teeth without a veterinary license. The felony–yes, I said felony–was because Griswold (for hire) was administering sedatives on a horse that, according to multiple sources, was being used to set him up and make an example of him. I do not have a tremendous amount of experience working with law enforcement officials in cases like this, but I have had what I hope is a lifetime of experience with brand inspectors who believe that a little ‘Cracker Jack box’ badge gives them the right to do no wrong. So, I can see very clearly how some crackpot would seize the opportunity to be ‘big man in charge’ and really blow this incident out of proportion.


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