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Absolution In Your Bottle?

April 30, 2009

I’m not sure what it says about me when the two elderly womendew691 at the local convenience store breathlessly inform me of a new soda offering, it must mean they respect my refined palette. PepsiCo has released two of their favorites in a new mixture (or is it old) sans the much maligned high fructose corn syrup. Mountain Dew throwback claims to be made from “natural” sugar, and not the product made from highly subsidized corn. It’s good to know that I’m drinking a product based on free market inputs, and not the beneficiary of subsidies and a government protection racket. Wait….. oh.

As for the taste? Surprisingly different. The opening begins with a lighter, less syrupy texture, followed by that classic Dew bite. The drink then finishes citrusy, reminiscent of Sprite. I this what Mountain Dew used to taste like when it was lovingly crafted by Appalachian hill folk?

One Comment
  1. Matthew permalink

    Used to you could get real sugar soda in Europe and Mexico… now HFCS has pushed south of the border and you gotta get your stuff from Europe.

    Glad to see Pepsi has seen a market in sugar sodas! I might have to stop getting RC and IBC exclusively.

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