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Is it hard to shoot wolf mothers and cubs? No, you just don’t lead em as much.

May 5, 2009

Some predictable hand wringing by Mother Jones about the Obama administration’s decision to possibly allow hunting of reintroduced wolves in Western states. Personally I believe that you don’t get to make the decision regarding such threats to life and property unless you yourself are willing to live with the consequences day in and day out. Of course I’m also a proponent of shoot, shovel, and shut up in such situations.

“For some of my conservation friends, it’s hard to appreciate how the other side is impacted by wolves,” Jimenez says. “The challenge is that there is a disproportionate cost-benefit aspect of having wolves back. One side, often a more urban population, disproportionately gets the benefits of wolves at the expense of people coexisting with them on a daily basis in rural areas.”

In it’s entirety here.


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