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Birthday Lesson

June 29, 2009

The girl turned five today, so Mrs VnC and I took her along to take care of some chores. That in itself is not unique, but the lesson she got today was. Being firm believers that knowledgeable respect is far better than fear based ignorance, we took the opportunity to educate her on the serious business of firearms. The preparation for this day has been going for years now, firearms are not to be touched, and if seen, adults are to be notified at once. Not that they’re left lying about in this household, but a child’s life brings encounters with many things, and it is always better to have some familiarity, whether it be pistols or power tools.
The textbook in this lesson was her grandfather’s bolt action single shot .22LR. While obviously a bit over sized, it perfect for getting the basics down. The old rules still stand, and her access is still restricted, but the idea is that she’ll carry a bit more context as to why guns are serious business.
She took it as seriously as the subject called for, though she did squee a bit when she put that hole in the Dr. Pepper can. Of course, what better way to illustrate the dangerous outcome of pulling the trigger than putting a hole in something?

birthday lesson 1
birthday lesson 2
birthday lesson 3

  1. ‘flow,

    The firearms okay but the Dr. Pepper has to go! You’ll corrupt that child!

  2. Chuck permalink

    She’s already 5??? Dang, I’m old.

  3. shootER25 permalink

    My oldest daughter’s first “here’s what a gun can do” lesson was with an AK. 😆

  4. flyingtomato permalink

    Awesome! Good for her, and good for you.

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