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Heinleinian Fantasy Camp: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Trowel

July 1, 2009

A Renaissance Man is defined as a man who is skilled in multiple fields. I’m not so sure I fit that bill, but lately it does seem as though I’m living in some sort of Heinleinian Fantasy Camp. I’ve had to learn how to lay brick in building the foundation for the now moved schoolhouse. I say “had to” because I was raised by a combination of Robert Heinlein, Walt Kowalski, and Norm Abrams. You know, the guy who sees hiring it out as an affront to his manhood. And so, while listening to stories of my long deceased grandfather who was a master mason, I’ve become somewhat of a decent bricklayer. So it begs the question, are we better knowing (and doing) so many things, or would we be better off living by the Wine Commonsewer’s creedo?, (If you want a job done right, you’re hired)
Perhaps it’s merely my unconscious mind doing some preemptive zombie apocalypse prep. The wife walked in on me last night and commented, “You’re reading another book about the end of the world?” It hadn’t hit me until then, but it was true. In the last couple of months my normal book rotation has been filled with apocalyptic fare, Once Second After, The Road, and now Farnham’s Freehold, by the aforementioned Robert Heinlein. I don’t know, it seems to fit the zeitgeist of the time. So whether I’m slinging mud in Galt’s Gulch, or rigging zombie traps in World War Z, I’ll be prepared.

Did I mention that I plan on mastering the art of pickling this summer?


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  1. shootER25 permalink

    You mean “pickling” as in preserving vegetables and such and not “pickling” as some sort of euphemism for an Anc/Tex-like sex act, right?

    ’cause I’d believe you either way. :bergman:

  2. Matthew permalink

    How did I get dragged into this?

    And to answer your question, yes I think it best to have at least passing knowledge in most fields. Thus even if some project IS above your head you know enough to pick the best ‘expert’ AND be able to oversee the work being done.

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