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Food Fascists On The March

July 13, 2009

So now that California is bankrupt, the Central Valley is returning to it’s desert state, and the state government is threatening to close state parks, what else could possibly go wrong? What solutions have California leaders (in this case a gubernatorial candidate) put on a high priority? Spending cuts? An audit of municipal spending?

Of course not, San Francisco’s hypocrite in chief has deemed that the city must (their word, not mine) take an audit of their space and begin planting ‘healthy’ food everywhere.

(07-08) 20:10 PDT — He’s already banned spending city money to buy bottled water and mandated composting citywide. Now, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is taking on something as basic as water and trash: food.

Newsom on Wednesday issued an executive directive he hopes will dramatically change how San Franciscans eat.

All city departments have six months to conduct an audit of unused land – including empty lots, rooftops, windowsills and median strips – that could be turned into community gardens or farms that could benefit residents, either by working at them or purchasing the fresh produce. Food vendors that contract with the city must offer healthy and sustainable food. All vending machines on city property must also offer healthy options, and farmers’ markets must begin accepting food stamps, although some already do.

The mayor will send an ordinance to the Board of Supervisors within two months mandating that all food served in city jails, hospitals, homeless shelters and community centers be healthy.

Now I’m not against gardens, vegetables, or eating better. I’ve given away more of my own vegetables than I’ll ever consume, and I can only stuff so many tomatoes down the daughter. I do have a problem with a d-bag mayor taking it upon himself to decide what’s best for everyone in his is city, and then mandating that everyone comply, under force of law. And shouldn’t city employees have better things to do than monitor if folks are eating smaller bagel portions at city meetings?

What should a civic government do? Oklahoma City’s own mayor has implemented a diet program, but it’s more of a public awareness campaign, it’s strictly voluntary, and I’ve yet to see a single mandate or law result from it.

A free people should be able to eat what they want, no matter how bad it is for them, and no matter what the ‘experts’ claim, or in this case, force them to consume. And given a choice, it’s apparent that even San Franciscans will choose…

Back in San Francisco, it was apparent Newsom’s idea may take some getting used to. Michael Summers, who operates a hot dog stand in Civic Center Plaza that contracts with the city, said the dogs made of tofu don’t sell nearly as well as the old-fashioned meat kind. That was evidenced by the line of people ordering hot dogs just after noon – and not a tofu order among them.


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