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Some folk just don’t get it, or Craig Newmark for president….

August 26, 2009

Excuse my tired fingers, I’m taking a shift break from my annual evening of hand grape crush/watching Firefly DVD’s.

The latest issue of Wired has a great piece on the success of craigslist, and it’s supposed deficiencies, despite being the leading job search site, and the leading real estate site, among others. The author can’t seem to fathom such a free wheeling attitude, as Craig Newmark takes a largely hands off approach to regulating his invention. The belief that “people are generally good” seems to rub supposed enlightened souls the wrong way.

God damn my hands are tired, I can’t do this, besides I have another shift crushing juice from Riesling. I have things to add, maybe in the morning.

Read it.

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One Comment
  1. Jim permalink

    craigslist is aaaawsome.

    here in Nashville we’ve had a critical mass of users for a few years now, and even the part of rural Ohio where i’m from is hopping. if you have anything halfway decent to sell, it can be gone in minutes with no cost for the ads.

    of course, because it’s such a wonderful, open marketplace, it’s driving the nanny-staters mad.

    clueless collectivists pueden irse al infierno…actually the last time i said this at home it was “al influenza”…i’ve got a 3-year old.

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