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Can alternative farming feed the world (ie the downtrodden poor folk) ?

August 27, 2009

It can, but you’ll have to buck and take some initiative, as well as some personal responsibility. Oh, and the bureaucrats are going to have to get out of the way, all according to Joel Salatin.

Eating well does not require you to eat organic
tomatoes shipped air freight from Peru in January. You can eat better
by canning, drying, or freezing local seasonal bounty
and enjoying it in the off season. But that means getting busy,
refusing to be a victim, and being responsible. Unfortunately,
these good character qualities are not encouraged in the modern
American welfare class. When I see food stamps used
for TV dinners so that personal money can purchase beer and cigarettes,
I admit to being a bit dubious about the alleged
plight of poor people. And if everyone who didn’t need to be weren’t,
the numbers would be so small that some philanthropy
would solve the genuine problem–just like it used to.

BTW, I’m scheduled to tour Polyface Farms this October. *insert schoolgirl squee here*


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  1. Matthew permalink

    How will you be getting there?

  2. Via magical aerobus, how far is Staunton, VA, from whatever hillbilly army post it is you occupy?

  3. *so jealous*

    Oh, and I didn’t know Salatin had a blog. I have so much reading to do…

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