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Yes, I’m Let Loose From The Noose

December 4, 2009

It’s been more than a month since I left for Virginia, since then I’ve toured Polyface, shook hands with Joel Salatin, and saw what sorts of agriculture are possible when you jump off the commodity rails and strike out in your own direction. But once I got home I found myself with a broken computer, a broken truck, and 1500 acres of wheat to be sown. So now after getting a shiny new netbook, a shiny old truck, and knuckling down on the wheat, I find myself with time to start blogging. It’s not that issues haven’t come up that pertained, but prying my fingers from the DVR remote has proven more difficult than one would think.

So now I spend my days maintaining cattle, raising up 50 Rhode Island Red layers, and getting to work on renovating the school house. I plan to blog about that quite a bit, so the posts may take a This Old House Feel. I also recently watched Food Inc., so I’ve got some thoughts about that, as well as pitfalls of fraudulent science, ie Climategate.


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